Tanya Tate Fleshlight Pussy Package

Tanya Tate Fleshlight Pussy Package

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Date Added: Tuesday 24 July, 2012

by Tanya Tate

From Don Houston, XCritic.


XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tanya Tate is no stranger in porn circles, the young English lady starring in over a hundred movies and even directing of late. Having been nominated for numerous awards and winning quite a few along the way, she has even more recently upgraded her presence online by taking over the infamous Star Factory PR company, a move that will almost certainly continue her upward spiral of building her popularity among fans. One of the facets of her career that has sparked a lot of interest over the past year has been her efforts at expanding into non-traditional areas such as her cosplay pictorials, Tanya dressing up as favorite super heroines in a very credible manner to the delight of many at comic book conventions.

For those of you unaware of Tanya’s continued role in porn, she has been in some of the highest profile parodies, is a frequent flyer in MILF and Cougar flicks, and even branched out into Femdom titles while showing a love of both men and women in her roles. Suffice it to say that her willingness to do anal (technically, pitching and not receiving), and enjoy it, has helped make her some fans as well so with all this acclaim, was it any wonder that she would become the subject of the latest Fleshlight device?

The Fleshlight is probably the most popular male sex toy around this days, my own experiences with variations of the device proving it to be fun as a solo entertainment toy as well as with a partner. A number of Live Gonzo releases of late have even heavily promoted the Fleshlight during actual scenes, showing that it can become a valued part of one’s sexual repertoire as seen in action with top flight porn stars, the simplicity of how it works so well compared to cheaper counterparts telling. Essentially, a Fleshlight is a silicon sleeve that is molded after a performer. I included a link to show the process of Tanya Tate getting this done to show how it works, the result being that opening looks much like her sweet little pussy.

Just past the opening, each Fleshlight varies somewhat, providing a variety of sensations that literally milk your balls dry of genetic juice, an opening in the bottom of the protective canister the sleeve comes in adjustable to allow a user to have differing degrees of suction. This one has a copy of Tanya’s signature near the top and like all of the line, it pops out of the can for ease of cleaning, some recommended cleaners giving the fleshy device a longer life span as the closest thing you will likely ever get to fucking Tanya’s snatch.

I’ve kidded with Tanya that the only way to have a true comparison between the toy and real life would necessarily mean I’d have to take one for the team and engage in some sexual antics with her. Granted, it might only be a couple of pumps (after all, everyone knows that porn critics are the original “two pump chumps”, right?) but that makes a lot of sense to me. The thing is, and this is something that anyone getting any knows instinctively, the feeling of a pussy changes over time or for many reasons including how turned on a lady is, what she’s been eating, and how much sleep she’s had to name a few factors. As such, the Fleshlight compares as being more consistent, though admittedly less psychologically appealing, the bottom line being just how does it feel?

Thankfully enough, even someone like me that is not exactly sized like Lexington Steele or Manuel Ferrara can find a lot of pleasure from using such a toy. I tried it over the weekend when my girlfriend was at a convention in Dallas and it worked very well. When she came back, we tried it together and it worked even better in her hands, this being a truism for all sex enhancing toys that they work better when used with a partner. The next time your wife or girlfriend has a urinary tract infection or is mad at you for forgetting something, you may come to appreciate how well this can tide you over while she holds out but still, I always believe that toys are to be shared.

For my purposes, the adjustment at the bottom only needed to be opened a little bit, allowing me to push in easily enough but create a substantial degree of suction on the outward stroke. The trick to make it as clean as possible was to make sure that only enough lubricant was used lest it leave a mess as it worked its way down the sleeve. This presumably holds true for the loads of population pudding you will leave inside it (hopefully showing enough wisdom to clean it out promptly after ease use by the way), the stench of stale spunk likely enough to have you cleaning out every last drop of splooge each time (hey, I was young once but I learned).

Cleanup after that was easy by slipping the sleeve out of the canister and using warm water with some light cleanser, the device air drying quickly enough though I admit to having used a hairdryer on low to speed the process up. Esthetically, the white canister and flesh colored sleeve were pleasant enough; my anti-piracy crusading friend Nate likely to appreciate the toy was made in the USA rather than China (where all the substandard knockoff toys are made from what I’m told). That last point cannot be emphasized enough either since the Fleshlight is phthalate-free (safe for your cock), made to last with only a modicum of care, and does not tear like the cheaper copies always seem prone to. While I’d like to think that this was because my tremendously huge pecker just tears such toys apart, the reality is that you get what you pay for, the longevity of the Fleshlight paying for itself over time (even if you don’t include the fact that you don’t have to buy it dinner, flowers, and dress up for the occasion).

So, while I wait to complete the full review by directly comparing this Tanya Tate Fleshlight to her real pussy (it might be awhile, my girlfriend thinks such a pairing might be a good idea only because she has delusions of getting me into a tryst similar to Tanya’s role in Teen Strap America 2), the truth is that the device works well, feels good, and more than earns its keep so I rated it as Highly Recommended. How much of this is due to the molding of Tanya Tate’s pussy as the opening look of it, I can’t say but I have yet to be disappointed by any of the Fleshlight toys I’ve tested; something I just can’t say of the cheaper competition so give it a try.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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